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How to Care for Your Beard

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How to Care for Your Beard


So you've joined the club and grew yourself a proper beard. Other men already envy you, so what's the next step? 

You have to maintain that bad boy of a beard! 

Proper beard care can take a shabby, pathetic excuse of a beard and turn it into a truly epic specimen. 

A great place to start maintaining your beards health is with you guessed it,

Beard oil.

Beard oil is essential to a healthy beard because the oil balances the hydration after a wash. This keeps your beard from feeling dry and scratchy. 

This brings us to our next topic,

Washing your beard. 

Your beard can get grubby very fast. If you don't regularly shampoo and condition your beard, all of the leftover food and bacteria of the day will build up right on your chin. A clean beard is a happy beard. 



Don't be afraid to trim up a bit.

Shaping and trimming your beard can feel intimidating, and can feel like you're losing progress on your growth. The reality is shaping your beard and using a proper trimmer can create a more defined look, and can actually aid in the growth process. 

Beard Balm.

This is a balm that you massage into your beard, acting as a prolonged conditioner. This product is extremely convenient, but you will still need to regularly wash your beard. 

Beard Brush.

 You have to brush your beard bro! Using a proper beard brush takes your beard from shabby to magical. If you have not tried brushing your beard before, definitely give it a go.