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New Year, New Beard: 5 Beard Styles To Upgrade Your Facial Hair

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New Year, New Beard: 5 Beard Styles To Upgrade Your Facial Hair

We've arrived at the end of another year unlike any other, 2021.

Even though things have practically returned to normal, many of us have still remained at home this year. If you're one of those guys who hasn't tried out different beard styles yet, now is the time.

Make a fresh start in 2022 with a new beard style and try one of our 5 all-time favorites:


1. Stubble

Stubble became fashionable in the 1930s. It's now considered a compromise between a clean-shaven appearance and a fully grown beard. The benefit of a stubble is that it is simple to maintain and does not take much time.


2. Goatee

A goatee is a style in which a man's facial hair is concentrated on his chin rather than his cheeks. Despite being a low-effort style, the goatee manages to make a statement. The goatee also aids in the creation of a mouth frame.


3. Beardstache 

The beard stache is a mix of a moustache and a beard, with the stache being longer and fuller than the surrounding hair, making it the most conspicuous portion of the beard.


4. Short Beard

A short beard is a more adaptable and corporate-friendly variant of the fully grown beard, as it is dressed down and cleaner. Not to mention, way less itchy than a full beard. Keep it trimmed with our 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer.


5. Full Beard 

It takes time, work, and continuous maintenance to grow a full beard, but it's well worth it if you succeed. A fully grown beard can also alter the shape of your face. The start of the new year is the ideal opportunity to try out a full beard!


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