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Apply a proper beard cleanser/shampoo/soap

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Stop scouring your face with that hard soap bar.  Toxins in bath soaps and nearly all shampoos are too rough on skin, scalp and hair  If you had ever gone to the bathroom and started feeling like your skin was rigid or scratchy subsequently? Yes it's the soap . Try using Face and Beard Wash/Shampoo that has been scientifically made. It will remove grit dirt and soot from your skin and beard not having to affect the gut bacteria of your skin. A symbiotic wash that supports your skin's microbes caretakers gets extra points.

Avoid heavily scented beard cleansers. When  If you see the word "perfumed/ fragranced" in the listed orders of mixture, that aroma could be made up of a few chemical additives or thousands and thousands of chemicals.

Appropriate Water Temperature 

Portrait of bearded man washing his face at bathroom

People love to  enjoy a long, long hot bath. However, steamy temperature will cause dryness, and cold water will help stop your pores from opening. The ideal temperature is lukewarm water.

Washing your face and beard repeatedly

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Once a day, you should cleanse your face. Those with oily skin should wash twice a day Too much washing  can cause skin dryness, because it will build up more "SEBUM" - oily substance on face which   -compelled for you to wash extra, resulting in a negative spiral of  oil production, which eventually leads to skin irritation and other skin conditions.

Throughout the day, grime and pollutants build up on your skin, some of which actually hasten the aging process. Remember that the goal is to remove the nastiness of the day without overstriping your skin. Dust particles, environmental damage, and other nastiness can accumulate on your skin if you don't wash it frequently enough, resulting in acne breakouts, breakouts, and exhausted, sagging skin.

Using the right material at the wrong time

Beard care - a man washes his beard with soap foam

Cleaning, by definition, removes some of the natural oils that your skin requires to function properly. If your only body care product is a beard wash, you'll probably notice your beard and skin feeling a little dry, no matter how soft the cleanser is. After washing, everyone, despite of facial hair, should apply a moisturizer. This helps to replenish skin moisture while strengthening your skin's natural barrier against harmful microbes and water loss.

Applying facial moisturizers and beard oils after washing your face is the ideal time. Your mouth and beard are clean, your pores are open, and trying to apply immediately locks in the water retention.

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