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Winter Beard Care: 5 Ways To Protect Your Beard From Harsh Cold Weather

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Winter Beard Care: 5 Ways To Protect Your Beard From Harsh Cold Weather

The cooler months have arrived, and it's time to start thinking about winter beard maintenance. With these simple tips, you can keep your beard's magnificence from being jeopardized by the cold weather.


1. Avoid hot water.

To keep yourself warm during winter, nothing sounds better than a nice, hot shower. However, with a winter beard care routine, hot water is a big no-no. It depletes natural oils in hair and skin, resulting in brittle hair. When feasible, take a chilly shower to seal your cuticles and keep your beard moisturized.


2. Pat, don't rub.

Instead of rubbing your beard dry with a towel, pat it dry. You'll have fewer split ends, follicular damage, and irritation as a result of this. Beards naturally hold water, so leaving all that extra moisture insulating around your face is the same as taking a hot shower.


3. Regularly comb and brush your beard.

Brushing your beard keeps it in good shape and helps it maintain its shape. It aids in the distribution of essential beard oil throughout your face mane, preserving it from winter dryness. It also increases circulation and supports healthy beard growth.


4. Keep your beard covered.

You may have seen an adventurer with ice in his beard looking wild and manly, but it is not good winter beard care. When it's cold outside, wrap your beard in a scarf and brush away the rain, snow, or ice to keep it from drying out. Ice makes your beard hair brittle and vulnerable to breaking.


5. Go easy on shampooing.

During the winter, you'll need to maintain your beard clean, but you'll need to cut back on the shampoo. Reduce it to once or twice a week at the most. In the dry winter air, the shampoo will strip away much-needed moisture that keeps your beard in tip-top shape. To remove any buildup, simply rinse your face and beard with water.


Now that you're ready for winter, you may take care of your beard. Stick to this simple winter beard care routine and you'll be fine.